New year means new encounters. And on the first day of this new year, I encountered my first crazy:

shavaun waits at bus stop, hears man speaking loudly from the street corner

man: [yelling at family walking past him] move out of my way!

man walks down the block, toward shavaun. mumbling out loud, wearing glasses and a black trench coat, hiding something inside.

shavaun: [notices man headed her way, turns away and thinks to herself]: don’t look. don’t look. don’t look.

shavaun looks.

a female passes by between shavaun and man, breaking that glance.

man: [to female passerby, seductively] Ooo, hey sweetheart.

shavaun still looking away

man: [to shavaun] Ooo, that’s my other sweetheart. But looks like she’d kick my ass.

The End.

Happy New Year’s all!